Fascinating Fact for a Friday (2/23/18)

Did you know…?

In 2015, almost 22% of the Great Barrier Reef died off in a mass bleaching event. Not only that, but Florida’s coral reefs have experienced bleaching in 12 of the 14 past years.

(for this fact, and more about corals, check this out)


Fascinating Fact for a Friday (2/16/18)

Did you know…?

97% of the actively posting climate scientists out there agree that climate change is real and negatively affecting our Earth. And yet people still doubt!

(fact from here)

Fascinating Fact for a Friday (1/26/17)

Did you know…?

All of the hurricanes this year cost the US a total of $200 billion dollars in damage.

Okay, so the next time people are arguing with you about climate change and how getting rid of the oil industry is going to be a huge money loss…. well, maybe you could tell them that little fact.

(go here for more informations and facts to back up your argument 🙂

Fascinating Fact for a Friday (1/5/18)

Did you know…?

On July 12, 2017, a trillion ton iceberg broke away from Antarctica. Not only that, but scientists say that Earth’s ice sheets are melting at the fastest rate in history.

With all this cold and snow (at least where I am), it can be hard to imagine that, in other places in the world, ice is melting fast.

(This video will take a minute and 38 seconds of your time. I recommend checking it out)