If you watch Fox News (or youtube, whichever), you probably know by now that the clan of Trump supporters in the news seat is completely ignoring the fact that Climate Change played a huge roll in the Texas storm, Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm that (as of August 29th) dumped 2 feet of rain on the gulf coast of Texas, and has caused an estimated 40 billion dollars in damage.

Even with all of this, in the 12 minutes that Fox News discussed Hurricane Harvey, not a single mention of climate change or global warming popped up.

However, the fact that this is the worst hurricane in years was mentioned in the first minute and a half. I’m sitting here, thinking to myself, GEE I WONDER WHY?!

According to the news system “The Young Turks”, here are 2 main reasons why the storm is worse than anyone could have imagined. The first is that Houston’s sea levels have risen more than half a foot in the past few decades. When sea levels rise, as you can probably guess, that causes flooding- especially with a storm of this magnitude, where sea levels have risen almost 5 feet from all the rain water.

The second reason that Harvey is “the worst hurricane in years” is because of rising water temperatures. When water temperatures go up 1- 1.5 degrees Celsius, that creates 3 to 5 percent more moisture in the air. That leads to longer, worse storms, storms that will continue to destroy our Earth if we don’t do something to stop them.

(fact credits: here, and a news report from The Young Turks. It is totally worth watching, and if you feel the urge to sign their petition, please do so)


2 thoughts on “PLEASE TAKE NOTE!”

  1. Very scary times we are living in right now. Thank you for keeping us well informed, Manu. I’m thankful that you, and so many of your generation, are conscious of what is really going on with our planet.


    1. Yes indeed. Thank you for reading and commenting! Certainly bursts my moral to know that someone is out there see my posts 🙂

      Hopefully, our generation can take that consciousness and stop Climate Change for once and for all!


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