A Note About Nutella

Hello, all!

As you may well know, Nutella has palm oil. The day I found out about that was….. a very sad day indeed, but that is besides the point.

You may also know that there are a ton of alternatives for Nutella. Chocolate and hazelnut spreads without palm oil are not particularly hard to come by. But the interesting thing is, we might not have to stop eating Nutella at all.

I was doing some research for a Climate Change fair (I’ll put the info in a post if any of you are in the area and want to come check it out), and I discovered this site about the palm oil in Nutella. Immediately intrigued, I checked it out.

Let’s pause a moment and remember: It’s not palm oil itself that is bad for the environment. It’s the palm oil that is illegally and irresponsibly harvested, and planted after mass deforestation to sometimes protected areas that you want to stay away from. According to Nutella’s site, their palm oil is actually well sourced.

So what do you think? I’m going to keep doing research on this, but maybe I’ll be able to one day eat Nutella with abandon once again.


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