Psychological Climate Change

As we well know, climate change is a hardcore scientific fact now. It’s not a matter of political party or opinion, simply one of science and evidence. However, some people are unable to see that climate change exists because of psychological blocks, which I am going to share today.

1: Complexity

Climate change is a very complex ideas. There are multiple layers to it, and many you-do-something-and-there-will-not-be-an-immediate-response type scenarios. Humans, on a whole, have trouble coming to terms with ideas like this. They are more likely to act on problems that will have a trade off or solution immediately. Climate change is not one of those problems. Not only that, but climate change is not the type of thing, being so complex, that doesn’t lead to reaction of action.

2: The Unintentional Nature of the Problem

Climate change may be human caused, but we didn’t mean to cause it.  It wasn’t on purpose that we put all of these emissions into the air. We didn’t wake up one day, and say, “Oh, let’s pollute the planet and make future generations miserable!” That kind of thinking leads to humans believing that they don’t need to fix something that they didn’t mean to cause. So climate change remains a problem that doesn’t really need us to fix it.

3: Guilt

Once you have been convinced that climate change is a problem and human caused, guilt starts to set in. That leads to denial, and downplaying of the situation.

4: Optimism

While it may seem immensely annoying when you are trying to convince someone that climate change is real, it could just be that they are too optimistic to except the problem. Optimism can very easily lead to denial that the science isn’t that sure. It couldn’t possibly be that bad of a problem, right? Optimism, while good in most scenarios, is tough when dealing with a problem like this, because the situation isn’t looking very good. People don’t want to face that, so they deny it.

5: Politics

Isn’t this one quite the discussion! The only thing I have to say about it is this: Climate change is not the problem of one political party or the other, because climate change is not political at all. It’s scientific. If we think that global warming is going to affect one political party and not the other…

I mean, come on! Let’s be real here! Climate change affects everyone, even those without a political party at all.

6: It’s in the Future and Far Away

Immediate actions are needed for immediate problems. There is a general misconception that climate change isn’t one of those “immediate problems”, when really, it is affecting us here, now, this second, today.

So, people, please, don’t let these psychological (and slightly ridiculous) reasons for denying climate change stop you from doing what is right!

(Fact credit to: It’s Getting Hot in Here, by Bridget Heos)


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