What Happens

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day, everyone! I wrote a special climate change poem for the occasion, and I figured I should share. It’s called “What Happens”.

What happens to the world when it heats up?

What happens when a trigger switch goes off?

What happens when we never can turn back?

What happens when alignment starts to crack?

What happens if this all ended today?

What happens if we can’t find room to stay?

What happens when we find it’s all our fault?

What happens when progress comes to a halt?

What happens when millions have died?

What happens when we’re heated up inside?

What happens when water floods our land?

What happens when half our Earth is sand?

What happens to us when there is no room?

What happens when the flowers never bloom?

What happens if smog is all we see?

What happens if our solution isn’t key?

What happens when nobody seems to care?

What happens when no one answers our prayer?

What happens to us if there’s no Earth?

What happens if all hope is in rebirth?

What happens when we all just give up hope?

What happens if we can no longer cope?

What happens when we realize that we’re through?

What happens when there’s nothing we can do?


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