10 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore About Climate Change

This was originally going to be a top 10 list of the things the government was ignoring about climate change, but I figured that this would speak to more people.

10: That It’s Affecting More Than Just Us Humans

Not just humans are being affected by climate change. Everything from animals to the flowers in your garden. Warm weather is causing longer breeding times, especially for animals like ticks and mosquitos, and every 1º of temperature that we increase, bud burst happens 5 days earlier.

9: There Are Organizations Out There That Are Trying To Do Something

You’re not alone in your attempt to get involved in stopping climate change. Organizations that have been around for years have already started, gathering supplies and funders and volunteers. Get involved with one of these organizations, and help them in their ever-more-urgent cause.

8: That Even Small Things Can Make A Big Difference

Recycle. Compost. Educate. These are all things that you can do, no matter your age, situation, or status. If everyone made a move to help, we wouldn’t be in the situation that we are in right now.

7: That It Is Most Certainly “Our Problem”

Even if you don’t think you are not being directly affected by climate change, you 1) most likely actually are, and 2) still need to try to help. If you’re not doing it for yourself, do it for humanity. Do it for the animals that are currently going extinct at 100 times their normal rate. Do it for your kids.

6: That “Someone Else” Isn’t Going To Take Care Of It

This one sort of ties into number 7. A lot of people take a look at doing something to stop climate change and think, “no, this is too hard, someone else’ll do it”. But as I wrote in a recent letter to our representatives, if you wait for someone else to do everything, nothing will ever get done.

5: That Uncooperative Politicians Aren’t The End

It might seem discouraging to never hear about things being done in the White House. The thing is, the White House isn’t where we need to start, and it’s certainly not where we’re going to stop. If we can get enough awareness, we can start helping in our own communities. If everyone does that, then, soon, the president and Congress are going to be forced along for the ride as well.

4: There are solutions

Some people get overwhelmed by how much we need to do to help our planet. The thing is, getting overwhelmed isn’t going to fix anything. There are solutions at the ready- even if you don’t have enough money to put in solar panels and geothermal. Just getting a recycling bin at your school or church- or even in your own home- is doing something. There are solutions out there, so let’s use them.

3: The Fact That It’s Real

This is the main problem people are running into in getting things done regarding climate change. If you are refusing to believe it exists (no matter the proof or overwhelming evidence), than you can’t get any further than this.

2: The Fact That It’s Human Caused

Building on that last one, this is another extremely vital thing to stop ignoring. If you think that climate change is real, that’s all fine and dandy. But if you think that we are the ones that are causing it, you are going to be considerably more prone to try and do things to put a stop to it.

1: That We Need To Do Something. Now.

And this is truly the Number 1.  Nothing will get done in stopping climate change if we don’t do it with a sense of urgency. If we don’t stop this, it might never be able to be stopped. As it’s been said before, we are the first- and the last- generation who can do something. We’re on a time limit. Let’s meet it.

And just 1 more…: The Fact That It’s Not Too Late

We still have a chance to win this fight. Look back over these top 10. What can you change about your life that is going to help the climate? What can you do in your communities, in your schools, in your churches? This isn’t a lost cause.



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