The P&C of CP (or the Pros&Cons of Carbon Pricing)

Hello all! I’m back again with a new Climate Change related item. It’s called Carbon Pricing (and isn’t actually capitalized. That was more for effect).

Carbon pricing is this really cool thing that actually seems to be a legitimate and feasible way to cut back on the carbon emissions of our world. It’s pretty much just taxing emissions, which maybe sounds kind of scary (especially if you are the ones paying for taxes, which I’m not), but when you break it down, it isn’t that bad.

What would happen is this: Carbon emissions would have a tax, so it would become more expensive. People go for what is cheapest, right? And right now, that’s coal and fossil fuels. But what if renewables became more practical? Ideally, people would want them more than carbon, and would switch over. Not only that, but taxes on carbon could reduce taxes in other areas, making it so that you wouldn’t even end up paying more, and switching to renewables would get you paying less.

The big question with carbon pricing right now is “What would it do to the economy?” But! We have living proof that you can tax carbon and still thrive. That proof comes from all the way in Vancouver, Canada (also where they film Arrowverse shows, by the way, which makes it all the cooler). They tax carbon, and are still perfectly fine. Not only that, but renewables have become much more popular, proving my point above, and their carbon emissions have gone down.

If you’d like to learn more, look here


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