Fascinating Fact for a Friday (3/16/18)

Did you know…?

Corals are actually not plants. They are animals, who use photosynthesis to live. So when scientists say that corals are dying, that means that they are actual living creatures losing their lives. Corals can become extinct just like any other animal, and it’s our job to protect them like we would those other creatures.

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Fascinating Fact for a Friday (2/23/18)

Did you know…?

In 2015, almost 22% of the Great Barrier Reef died off in a mass bleaching event. Not only that, but Florida’s coral reefs have experienced bleaching in 12 of the 14 past years.

(for this fact, and more about corals, check this out)

A Zero-Waste Super Bowl?

Yeah, you read that right. A zero-waste Super Bowl.

Today is the fifty-second annual Super Bowl, and they are reaching for great heights. Normally, the Super Bowl leaves 40 tons of waste behind, but this year, NFL, U.S. Bank Stadium, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, food service provider Aramark, and PepsiCo are all teaming up to create a no-waste Super Bowl.

There is all sorts of trash generated by the big game, but 70 different products -from draft beer cups to nacho trays- have been converted into compostable materials by Aramark. Not only that, but volunteers will be stationed around bins for recycling and compost, making sure that people know where to put all their items. The few things that will need to be thrown away will be brought to a waste-to-energy incinerator.

Also, here’s a neat fact. Did you know that both the Eagles stadium and Patriots Place generate more then 3 times the energy that they use through solar arrays? Maybe all of this will be the push that America needs to see that we need to start doing stuff to fight against pollution and climate change. If the fifty-second annual Super Bowl can do it, so can we.

Enjoy the game!

(Facts and a full article on this from this site.)

Fascinating Fact for a Friday (1/26/17)

Did you know…?

All of the hurricanes this year cost the US a total of $200 billion dollars in damage.

Okay, so the next time people are arguing with you about climate change and how getting rid of the oil industry is going to be a huge money loss…. well, maybe you could tell them that little fact.

(go here for more informations and facts to back up your argument 🙂